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Experience the convenience and luxury of our Ultimate Roll On set sourced from original brands at My Happy Deals. Discover a world of captivating scents in a compact and travel-friendly format. Our collection features a carefully curated selection of roll-on perfumes, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. From floral and fruity to woody and musky, explore a range of captivating aromas that suit every mood and occasion. Elevate your fragrance game with our roll-ons set and enjoy the confidence of wearing genuine scents.

  • Experience Authentic Arabic perfumery with Nabeel. Get your hands on this Ultimate Alcohol-Free Roll Ons Collection which are crafted using the finest ingredients.
  • This exquisite roll-on perfume captures the essence of elegance and sophistication, allowing you to carry your favorite scent with you wherever you go.
  • Each set of Nabeel attars gives you a lovely assortment so you have choices for all occasions. Pick your favorite daily wear attar or use a different one every day based on your mood.
  • The scents portrays a feeling of historical love. Choose a scent for prayer time and scents for nightwear. Share them with the family or keep them for yourself.
  • Set Contains: 1 x Nabeel 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Dahn Al Oud 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Dahn Al Oud Amiri 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Nasaem 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Jannet El Firdaus 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Musk 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Qisaty 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Antar 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Gold 24k 6 ML + 1 x Nabeel Al Ghadeer 6 ML + 1 x My Happy Deals Bag
  • This fragrance comes with a ?My Happy Deals? Bag.
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