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About Nabeel:

    Experience the classic fragrances from the House of Nabeel. Nabeel is established as A major brand in the magical UAE of fragrances due to our dedication to and consistency in always offering the best quality perfumes that boast aesthetic packaging, unique bottles, and exceptional value for money. Bakhoor, an Arabic word which means Fumes, is endlessly known for performing houses or environmental factors. An irresistible kind of shape takes a hold of the heartwood of the tree and later on, produces a dim fragrant sap that delivers the oil.


  • Nabeel Smart Bakhoor Range is wonderfully clean, fresh and calming. A single piece of Bakhoor placed on hot charcoal will leave the space smelling heavenly.
  • Imagine the aroma of smoldering embers filling your home with sublime layers of fragrance that unveil themselves one by one.
  • The overall scent is very reminiscent of the Arabic incense. Each Smart Bakhoor scent moves smoothly into surroundings , leaving its stylish stamp on any room it enters and can be used in homes and offices.
  • This is a highly recommended, top-quality bakhoor. It has a sweet, long-lasting smell. In order to burn, simply sprinkle on top of hot charcoal.
  • A unique blend of different Oudh chips and fragrance oils is perfect for a Gift Set. It contains 14 bottles and each bottle is of 35 g.
  • Comes with an exclusive My Happy Deals Bag.

Package Includes:

  • Smart Bakhoor Fakhar Al Nabeel 35g – 2 pcs
  • Smart Bakhoor Saada 35g – 2 pcs
  • Smart Bakhoor Tawasul 35g – 2 pcs
  • Smart Bakhoor Khayali 35g – 2 pcs
  • Smart Bakhoor Habibi Lil Abad 35g – 2 pcs
  • Smart Bakhoor Kanz 35g – 2 pcs
  • Smart Bakhoor Royale 35g – 2 pcs
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