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Chris Adams is a house of perfumers skilled in the timeless art of perfume making, yet forever pushing boundaries, creating fragrances that are fresh and contemporary. This perfumery by the house of Nabeel, is dedicated to creating innovative fragrances and designs that are not only of a superior quality, but also enchant you with their unique signature scents.


  • The Chris Adams Dreamz Combo includes both a men’s and a women’s Eau de Parfum, each crafted with a unique and captivating fragrance that complements one another.
  • These Eau de Parfum sprays are designed to offer long-lasting fragrances, ensuring you stay confidently scented throughout the day or evening.
  • The men’s Eau de Parfum features a bold and masculine scent profile, incorporating notes of woods, spices, or other elements to create an irresistible aroma that suits the modern man.
  • The women’s Eau de Parfum boasts a feminine and alluring fragrance, combining floral, fruity, or oriental notes to provide a charming and enchanting scent for the contemporary woman.

This product comes exclusively with My Happy Deals bag.

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