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    My Happy Deals presenting you the very interesting DOS Game. This is a wonderful game that you can enjoy with a group of friends. You can play this game at park or at home. This is a classic wonderful card game where gamers have to match colors and numbers to get rid of their cards. In this game if you want to win than your goal is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. And in the DOS game special WILD cards change the gameplay. In this DOS game the most important part is matching numbers, but for matching the colors you will get BONUS points as you race toward a score of 200. This card game is a very interesting game you can play this game is your free time. This is a very simple and interesting game you will enjoy lot with your friends and family members.


  • Brand: We Happy
  • Color Name: Multicolor
  • Language: English
  • Recommended Age : 7+ Years
  • Theme: Educational
  • Material: Paper
  • Number of players: 2 or 4 Players


  • DOS the extended version of UNO card game updates the cards and rules to deal out the action on game night and a storage tin to take it on the go!
  • In the race to get rid of their cards, players can discard into either of TWO Discard Piles — or even both!
  • In this DOS game All ‘2’ number cards are ‘Wild DOS’ cards and can be played as any color ‘2’ the player wants.
  • The ‘Wild Play Two Card’ forces the next player to discard at least 2 cards on their turn, and if they can’t, they must draw 2 cards.
  • In the game If a player plays 2 Action Cards on the same turn, the next player must take BOTH actions!
  • This game is very exciting and full of fun that everyone can enjoy. You can Play this DOS game with your family members as well as friends to see who can be the first in this game. Only the player will win whose hand is empty.
  • This may be a great gift for the kids above 7 years old. This may help youngsters to In boosting their thinking ability. This is a classic game you can play it anytime and anywhere. The one thing for the environment purpose is that the card deck comes in an eco-friendly cardboard box for storage and transport.
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