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    We Happy Lie Detector is a really fun toy to play with your friends, especially for truth party game. The polygraph has two kinds of punishment functions: Electric Shock or Vibration. Put tester’s fingers on the sensing slots of the lie detector, it will punish the liar when his heartbeat speeds up.?


  • Lie Detector is an interesting and little frightening liar shocking game. You can test someone or friends if they are telling the truth in the truth-or-shocking game.
  • Lie Detector would be a great warm-up game at a party. You strap your victim’s hand to, delivering a small electric shock or vibrate when it thinks a lie is being told But these are virtual currents that don’t harm the body.
  • Made of high-quality ABS material, durable in use. Safe voltage is harmless to the human body, but it is not suitable for babies, heart disease and hypertension patients.
  • Totally 5 LED lights of 3 green and 2 red ones. The lie you say bigger, more lights on. When all 5 lights on, you will be punished heavily by electric shock or vibrate.
  • The portable lie detector is a table top device. Toys for your friends, Fool’s Day Party, Prank gifts ,Halloween Prank, Christmas gift .This is a good choice. A best choice as a gift for your friends
  • WARM REMINDER: This is not a professional polygraph tool, so there is no 100% accuracy of a polygraph, but it is still a very fun and great toy to play with friends and family!
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